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Sacred Ancient Stones on Ben Earthwalker's Land

 Stones of various kinds and sizes have been invested with sacredness from the earliest times. Sacred stones can be found in most of the world's religions. Beginning as early as 5000 BCE, large stones (megaliths - Greek mega, great, and lithos, stone), either unwrought or roughly worked were erected across prehistoric Europe to stand in lines or in circles (such as at Stonehenge in England). Little is known the purpose or meaning of these megalithic constructions, but it is universally agreed that they mark or embellish a sacred place in the landscape.

                                           What are the Ancient Stones

 The tall standing stones, or as I call them "The Ancient Ones," on my land also have their own unique energy which can be felt and received by anyone who chooses to spend time with them in meditation. Try it. Or Just Enjoy Their Beauty. "I feel them and put into words what I feel." So have fun and enjoy the natural forces of "The Divine Feminine" on this unique property in the form of labyrinths, ancient tall standing stones, Nature Spirits, Elementals, and all the Indigenous Creatures.



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