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Orion Maya Labyrinth



The Mirror of  Orion Maya Labyrinth functions using the pyramid
technology of the ancient Maya. That is to say that it is a frequency
generating machine. The human brain and body along with pre
hispanic/indigenous instruments become  the moving parts of this
machine which generates ultrasound frequencies. The ultrasound
frequencies that we generate from this labyrinth machine can travel  
a radius of  more than a hundred miles depending upon the size of
the labyrinth and how many people are working within it.

 Ultrasound frequencies produce subtle yet profound effects on human
beings within the labyrinth as  well as those in its radius of  influence. 
Effects  include the activation of our latent DNA and our synchronization
with the incoming higher solar and planetary frequencies. The Maya
identified the ultrasound frequency of 13 Hertz as being the frequency
that brings about Unity, Harmony and the connectedness of all human
beings to each other and everything in the Universe. This is what the
Mirror of Orion Maya