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                                       Meditation Mandala Zen Garden

I originally was going to build a Medicine Wheel but as usual Spirit 
had a different idea. It became a Meditation Mandala Zen Garden.
The Mandala aspect comes from the Basic Design, but theirs another
dimension to it, there are crystals and minerals buried in the center
in configurations of Sacred Geometry in the forms of spirals, triangles,
squares, and circles that form a mandala. This adds an energetic dimension
to it that can be used to heighten your meditation and to open and expand
the Chakras. You can also interact with the energy in the Zen garden.
Iv'e held a crystal in both hands to accentuate an energy bubble
which can be manipulated by the crystals. So, which ever way you decide
to use it, have fun and expand your awareness of the oneness in spirit that we are.