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 Ancestral Shamanic Fire Pit

Used for Fire Ceremonies and Purifications on Full and new Moons
by Debbie "Little Dove"
               Also used for Drumming, Dance, and Song                   

                           Fire is the Great Transformer of all things Temporal

                          There is Fire by Friction, Solar Fire, and Electric Fire

                                     Fire of Body, of Soul, and of Spirit

                     The working of the Flame Divine under the Law of Synthesis

                                 "As Above so Below" "As Below so Above"

             Here's a Poem by Lawrence Binyon that I like because it’s simply put. 


                               "Now is the Time for Stripping the Spirit Bare,

                               Time for the Burning of Days ended and Done, 

                                Idle Solace of Things that have gone before,

                               Rootless Hope and Fruitless Desire are there,

                             Let them go to the Fire with Never a Look Behind,

                              The World that was Ours is a World that is Ours

                                                       "NO MORE" 

The Fire Pit was the first thing that manifested on my land in the mid 90's,
and from here everything else manifested itself to create a wonderland of energies.
All guided by our mother the Divine Feminine. It's been a Wonderful journey to bring
this into manifestation. I am grateful to  the community for all the help I receive  from them. Especially to Debbie "Little Dove" for all her time and energy she spends in organizing the events and gatherings that bring the souls to receive the Blessings of Spirit.